Hand brush with metal scraper
  • Type of trim: steel, stainless steel (VA), or brass
  • Handle: 100% untreated beech wood
  • 100% plastic free
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A clean affair!
Our brushes are 100% recyclable. They also consist for the most part of renewable raw materials, namely beech, a native wood species. We only use untreated beech wood and the metal components on our brush are also completely recyclable.
Simply choose the type of trim that suits you. You get the best possible CO2 balance with steel trimmings. If you prefer rustproof, choose stainless steel or the softer brass.
The brush comes straight to your home or workshop from our own production facility in Spremberg. In this way we save unnecessary transport routes and protect our planet. For almost 200 years of experience in the brush trade, customers trust the convincing quality of our family company.
How can you properly recycle our brushes:
With a pair of pliers and a little strength, you can remove the trim from the brush. You can burn the brush handle or compost it. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this here .